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Choosing Radio Controlled Model Planes for Beginners

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Someone new to remote control model aircraft, looking for their first radio controlled aeroplane, can get confused because of the wide variety of choices available.

In this article, we’ll go through the three RC motor types and look at them from a beginner’s point of view, looking for the best option for one’s first radio controlled aeroplane.

Three Kinds of Power Sources for Radio Controlled Model Planes

There are three kinds of power sources for radio controlled aeroplanes. The three kinds of RC engines available are nitro, gas and electric RC aeroplanes.

Firstly, the nitro RC engines run on nitro methane mixture, which makes the radio controlled aeroplane using a nitro RC engine fly faster and usually for a longer time too. However, nitro RC engines require more maintenance, can break up more easily and the fuel is more costly than the other two options.

Secondly, RC aeroplanes running on gas motors use a mix of gasoline and oil. Gas motored radio controlled aeroplanes are relatively reliable and moderately priced, though still considerably more expensive and higher maintenance than the electric RC planes.

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The Best RC Planes

A very good article on choosing the right rc model aircraft plane.

Piloting a remote-control plane used to be a pricey proposition. Between the high cost of the technology and the likelihood of your investment literally crashing and burning, the hobby was typically reserved for enthusiasts who had the time, money, and patience it took to go from rookie recruit to top gun.

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